Whilst doing some research for one of the main series of videos it became apparent that there were a number of stations of days gone by which appeared in the middle of nowhere. Seemingly incredible remote and yet all with a history behind their construction.

This appealed to me. A lot. So I set about making a list with a little help from some online forums and came up with the following list of Disused Remote Stations. The only main criteria being their distance from a road that can legally be used by a motor vehcile today. The figures below are in Kilometers walking distance from the nearest road and they are an estimation. This list is also evolving, so please feel free to get in touch and I will add any worthy suggestions.

1. Gorton - Scotland - 12k (Vlog here). 
2. Loch Skerrow - 6.5k (Vlog here)
3. Plashatts - 4k (planned for 2022).
4. Riccarton Junction - 3k (Vlog here)
5. Tollesbury pier - 1.4k - (Vlog here).
6. Linley Halt - 1.3k (Vlog here).
7. King Tor - 1.3k (Video here).
8. Rankinston - 1.1k - Planned for 2021
9. Churn - 1.1k (Vlog here).
10. Foss Cross - 0.9k (Vlog here).
11. Pentir Rhiw - 0.9k (Vlog here).
12. Ingra - 0.8k (Video here).

We aim to visit them all. Want to meet up with us along the way? Get in touch via the media links on the front page.
Most Isolated/Remote Disused Station Series.
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