Filming during COVID-19

Updated February 2021

Thanks for the interested in how we film safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has been life changing for all of us, and we are always concious that there are many questions being asked regarding our filming. We will try and address those below.

What safety precautions are you taking?
We are following all government law and guidelines.
We (as a married couple living together) travel by car unless we are able to walk or cycle to the location.
We minimising contact with other people, usually filming in rural outdoor locations.
We are interviewing remotely where possible.
We are maintaining social distancing from others.
We are wearing masks when interaction is necessary
We are washing our hands regularly, and using hand sanitiser.

Can you work from home?
During the first Lockdown here in the UK we tried this for 2 months. It dramatically affected the channel and we went from averaging 35k views per video to 5k views almost overnight.

“Anyone who can’t work from home … should be actively encouraged to go to work.”
— Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 10th May 2020

Having a Youtube channel specifically about exploring and teaching history of our forgotten landscapes is close to impossible to do indoors.

Are we encouraging people to travel?
We do not believe that to be the case. We are certainly aware that many of our subscribers explore vicariuously through the channel and feel thats an important part of their life.

Is there an alternative?
As above we could go back to making indoor videos, but believe that will drastically affect the channels performance, its growth and our ability to earn a wage from it. We want to present videos that people interact with and enjoy. Clearly indoor videos do not work for our audieince.

Why not take a break from YouTube?
Unfortunately the YouTube algorithm needs feeding and a break however small or long significantly impacts the viability of the channel. This is a known quantity and ackownledged by YouTube themselves.

So given all of the above we are choosing to continue to film, with a lot of precautions in place, and with a lot of care.

We hope that answers all of your questions. Thanks very much for your continued support.

Stay Safe.

Paul and Rebecca Whitewick
Filming and Safe Working - Covid19
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